Monday, June 3, 2013

Build It and They Will Come

Remember Field Of Dreams? Ah, what a great movie. And such a keeper quote. As it applies to wildlife, how do they know? As I've mentioned, within an hour of putting out hummer feeders, the little charmers were back... bringing me to the latest case in point:

Yesterday, we decided that life could go no further without a butterfly feeder. They were all over the rhododendrons by the pool shed. But we're still hangin' on the patio. What to do? A quick Google search brought me to the suggestion of a simplistic hanging plate. I made a quick hanger from potholder loops, while Joe found an under-plate from a clay pot. It's supposed to contain overripe fruit to attract fluttery types, but we didn't have any. We devour it way too fast. So, I thought to cut a few flowers. 

Twenty-four hours later, we're wondering how they knew it was built and ready for them to come...