Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Crispy Pizzelles

Thought kids of all ages might like to make ice cream sandwiches with these. So when our sunny morning turned into a stormy afternoon, I whipped up a batch for the freezer. Traditional recipes are available online. I recommend choosing a 3-egg version for cookies aplenty. Mine are with vanilla and lemon zest - minus the licorice/anise flavoring, favored in Italy. The Cuisinart Press works just fine.

A Tip:  
If batter overflows what should be the edge of baked goods, cool for a minute and trim with kitchen scissors. Don't toss those crumbs! Put in a small Baggie... great on sundaes.

Easy and fast, why shouldn't pizzelles be all-year-round treats and not just for holidays? Makes sense to me.

Buon Appetito. 
Raindrops on Petunias - Real Time iPhone Photo