Friday, June 28, 2013

Predators Lurk

In spite of these fun photos taken just moments ago, there's a dark side to this post. 

We've read that hummers are brave in facing adversaries. A swarm of them can actually succeed in chasing away hawks, a fact that might explain the disappearance of our resident raptors. However, it seems that the feral cat who's been lurking about might have gotten a nest of other less fortunates, last night... after dark. There are adult feathers, as well as many downy versions worn by the young, strewn about the patio. Perhaps a junco's nest. I'm not pleased. But the police force couldn't show for this event, as they did to assess the
break-in at Bri's house last night... after dark.

Someone let him or herself in the front window, climbing on a chair found on the backyard deck. How brazen. Evidently, the culprit was well hidden by (a) darkness, (b) a large rhododendron and (c) the rain that was coming down in buckets. Thing is, the burglary attempt was thwarted by an alarm system and a watchful neighbor, to whom we owe thanks. Regardless, it was creepy to walk about the house, afterwards, knowing that predators lurk and watch for opportune moments to attack.

We consider this unfortunate episode a warning to be extra careful, this summer, in locking houses securely and using caution upon returning home. A dangerous intruder could be lurking. There's no room for foolish bravery in the human world. Even a swarm of us cannot win against deadly weapons. Still, whatever our coat and color, we need to unite, beat our proverbial wings and collectively do everything in our power to thwart a predator's attempt to invade our space. It takes a village.