Monday, June 17, 2013

Fizzy Me

I admit it. I'm an addict. Carbonated water. Seltzer. Whatever. You see, there are only so many 
8-oz. servings of flat H2O a gal can consume in a day, before desiring some zip.
So, "Beam fizz me up, Scotty!" it became.

A little retail therapy by way of a SodaStream and a week of use later, here's my review:
It's fabulous.

No more cases of seltzer or bags of debris. Just me, my Brita and Fountain Jet. That's right; I bought the cheapest model available. No bells and whistles. No Coke or Sprite flavorings. Just sparkling agua.

Is it cost efficient? Am I saving $$$? Probably not, which is the reason I won't advertise further. If you're interested and you want to fizz along with me, Google the product.  Read the pros and cons on various sites. If it's a go, look for a coupon... mine was reduced by 20% and shipped free, via Home Depot.

Here's to the bubbly. Cheers!