Monday, June 3, 2013

Spotting Spots

In my old age, I've learned to pay attention to woodsy sounds. Who said you can't make a country girl out of an Island one? So, when Baby Spots let out a long 'n' loud bleat yesterday, I commented to Joe. Unfortunately, his hearing isn't too keen and he hadn't noticed. But half an hour later, he spotted momma and fawn, a couple hundred feet into the woods. He called me to see them and said that I'd been right about the baby sounds. It was precious to see still-very-tiny Spots jumping over tall grasses, trying to keep up the pace. They are clearly creatures of habit. Though they wander during the day, nighttime brings them back to home turf.

You might notice in some of my photos that our surrounding woods are a mess, this a result of Hurricane Sandy. We shudder to think that high winds tore down trees on both sides of our property. By some miracle, our property was spared.

Giving thanks.