Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A Sleepover ♥

Aubs came over early this past Friday, while Gav went to his first-ever dance. Talk about timing! We were afforded lots of special moments to do some serious catching up with our Sugar, leading us to the privilege of hearing all of Gav's exciting news, firsthand. The above pose was taken at twilight, upon our return to the LakeHouse.

Our boy danced! Really! Additionally, he'd been to the Museum at Bethel Woods for a class trip, that day; so, we got to hear all about his impressions of psychedelic busses and hippies. Since we were at the actual event, we filled in the blanks with our memories. Great fun. He was starving and referencing the next morning's breakfast, but how happy to know that we'd saved him dinner's steak and corn…
"G'ma, this is some mighty fine food!"

They were exhausted and slept in very late the next morning, so our "…rockin' breakfast…" (Gav) happened late, but with perfect timing to lead up to some boarding and swimming in lake waters. As he sailed off on the board, he said to Joe…
"G'pa, this is the best part of summer!"

We are truly happy that we can provide those feelings.

Aubs went home to her first babysitting job ever. It was a success. And tonight? We have a date for Gavin's Spring Concert.

Blessings All.