Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Segue to Summer

Spring bowed out with a lovely Father's Day. BKAG brought the barbecue to us. Relaxing, to say the least. And Kelly took a stab at (link) Summer Daze Pasta Salad. It, as well as the entire meal, was delicious. Time really flies, both in reality and in carrying on traditions. Mom would love that her "old trick" is still being used in the recipe. And check out the Dynamic Duo, Ike and Mambo. But I digress... 

A truly nice day to celebrate our men who have carried on yet another tradition - that of being fantastic Dads. And not to forget Christian, who spent the weekend with Chloe at a soccer tournament. Kudos to Dawn for holding down the camp.

Giving thanks for the LVE and dedication. And forever holding (link) my Dad in my heart.

Welcome Summer.