Tuesday, June 28, 2016


New Yorkers are generally well versed in the times that traffic might be extremely heavy. This applies both up and downstate. It allows for a little choice - well, some of the time. But lately, there's no proper call, especially towards and in the city. I recently commented to Joe that no matter what time we travel to and from the Big Apple, there is never a break, once we cross the bridge. The six miles from the GW to our destination often takes well over an hour of driving time. Frustrating. 
Caught Anderson Cooper on TV, this morning, saying, "I've lived in Manhattan my entire life and have never seen traffic like it is now…" Thanks, Anderson, for confirming my observation. A lot of people hold the mayor responsible for all the construction work that is taking place. Sure, that can be a helpful thing in the long run. Thing is, there are no workers at many sites… just traffic-blocking equipment, road blockages, etc.
And then there's Siri. She keeps changing the route. On a recent trip home, she diverted us to different area of slightly-less traffic. For a few seconds, it was nice to have a car length between us and the guy in front of us; but that changed quickly. Not before I was able to capture the river in all its glory, though. Notice there are not many cars commuting into NYC at the end of the work day. 

It's brutal.