Monday, June 27, 2016


We're having a few raindrops, so I tore myself away from the Great Outdoors to give CMI some much needed attention. Actually, we need real rain. Everything is dry; we've had to water to keep our lawn (Yes - we have lawn!!) from burning out and our new trees from failing.

But the weekend was exquisite and included many hours of being mesmerized by water. What is it about staring at water? This is a favorite topic of mine. If you've read my beach posts, you'll understand. Somehow, the lake has filled the gap left between ocean visits. Maybe it's because it brings me back to my childhood and our Massapequa home on Unqua Lake. Drifting away in thought and remembering the Dutch door my parents special-ordered for the kitchen… winter, summer, spring and fall, its top half was opened to lake views.

Wish we could bottle late sunsets for short winter days! And maybe bring blooms in to enjoy through snowstorms? Hmmm, that's not happenin', so I'll just give thanks for our gifts.
Topping off our Monday? Well, Bri stopped in and we had a nice breakfast together. This momma is a happy camper.