Wednesday, June 1, 2016

"G'ma, we have to keep this up!"♥

Mouths of Babes. My favorite source of inspiration. As Christian, Dawn, Hunter, Chloe and Lyla were leaving on Sunday, Hunter said,

"G'ma, we have to keep this up! We've seen each other three times in four weeks!!"
Make my day, why don't you, Hunter. Too sweet, following a fabulous day celebrating Joe's "big" birthday, the unofficial start of summer and Memorial Day, as we all remembered those who sacrificed their lives to afford us our glorious freedoms. And…
Mother Nature cooperated. We've had a run of exquisite weather. The fleet of kayaks was launched and the barbecue grill fired up. There is nothing like dining al fresco.
Other highlights? Chloe caught the first catch of the season. Mr. Sunfish was quickly freed to swim back to its very own blissful underwater existence. 
Lyla is just full of personality… still lovin' Mambo and giving him puppyloads of attention. And always ready for a pose.
A looooong ride with her Daddy proved that this little one's attention span is fantabulous.
So many and so much to be grateful for. My heart is full.
Yep, every picture tells a story.