Wednesday, October 14, 2015

So, you think you don't know Wurtsboro?

Sure you do. The "Seinfeld" episode "The Puffy  Shirt" might jog your memory. There was SO MUCH going on, in that show.
Jerry about George:
We loved the mention of good ol' Wurtsboro, an integral part of our family's history. Joe grew up there. Gran owned a summer house on its outskirts. Mom spent childhood summers there, as did Ronnie et moi. I met Joe just a few miles away at Masten Lake. Need more?
The little village has made a bit of a comeback, having suffered through the Catskill downslide for several years. Once again, it's quaint and desirable… somewhat back to its roots, as memory serves me well regarding our trips before the quickway was born. Yep. Up "the old road" from downstate to the country, Wurtsboro a mecca of sorts. A long, arduous, bumpy, heavily-traficked trip during which vomiting was a large part of my repertoire. Dad kept a plastic-lined hat, just for me. I was special! But as is my custom of late, I digress…
What I'm getting at here is the sharing of yesterday's captures of the very-early morning fog that can be found daily, nestled in the Wurtsboro valley. It's a daily phenomenon of sorts and a true landmark. It had long disappeared, by the time we returned home from our trip downstate.