Monday, October 19, 2015


photo courtesy of Joe
It must be fall! The GrandLoves are all busy with soccer, basketball, chorus and music lessons interrupting peaceful weekend days. The weather is erratic, temps in the sixties one day and down to a frosty twenty-two degrees over night. That's right, I said 22. I'm in the throes of cooking again, trying to keep Joe happy with pots full of soup 'n' such. Baking has begun, with Aubs whipping up her first offering from the LakeHouse… this in between creating a fabulous collage and nice invitations for her upcoming thirteenth. I'm a tad upset to have found a typo, after our printout and assemble. My girl promised to fix it… I'll be watching. :-)
collage courtesy of Aubs
Gav sets up Monopoly inside, rather than on the picnic table. No worries there, as the view is still spectacular. Big Baldie seems to enjoy it, right along with us.
Steam is rising daily from the still-warm lake waters into the chilly air, creating pretty photo ops, early in the AM. Gotta love it, even though trees shall soon be bare naked…

Though first initials of Aubrey's friends come together as Sad-B-Sad, we know it should read
We danced! Giving thanks.