Monday, October 19, 2015

They Pass!

Gavin had me in stitches, yesterday, about an addition to the school curriculum. It seems the last class of the day is Social-Emotional Wellness, complete with a "wellness box" in which the kids are instructed to put personal letters of concern. His take on this class is hilarious.
It wears him out, last period, and he told me... 

"I just need to relax, when I get home.

All kidding aside, I'm not knocking the concept. If you read this article and its excerpt posted below, you'll probably agree that all of these issues are top priority.

But, please, if an almost-eleven-year-old hasn't mastered the criteria by now, he or she needs private counseling in which to grow. Writing one's innermost thoughts on a piece of paper and plunking it into a classroom collection to be read aloud by a new teacher in front of a newly assigned classroom full of kids just does not cut it. So, how did my boy handle it?

"I wrote, 'I'm having trouble with math. Can you help me?'"

He and my other GrandLoves are pretty danged expressive, engaging, warm, compassionate, friendly, confident and smart as whips…
can't you tell??!! :-)
Okay, okay. I HEAR YOU. You're calling me biased. Hey! Don't be so judgmental, or I'll have you write something for the wellness box.