Friday, October 9, 2015

Wake-up Call… Make My Day!!

This past week, I decided to close my Instagram account. Seems that I was finding myself on the sites of strangers, looking at photos and contriving stories about them. And then I wonder "Why?" that wicker chair I've been painting isn't quite finished. You get the gist. My photos and blogs keep me busy enough, if I'm diligent about tending to them. And I need time to play WORDS, early in the morning and late at night. Then, there's my current read in iBooks. That's enough device-time, so as to allow time for everything else necessary or desired to accomplish in the course of a day. I digress…

Without mentioning a word to anyone, Instagram was history. Hmmm. It seems that Gavin noticed, though. Yesterday, he posted a picture of his new instrument on the site. He knew Gramps would see it on his IG account, but must've decided it was important enough to make me individually aware of. He was right. Anything he does thrills me and much to my surprise, I received messages, photos, video and audio files. My morning wake-up. What a thrill.
GrandLove Gav made my day.
He's such a thoughtful techie!