Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Early Bird Gets the Rainbow

Funny thing, just yesterday during a springlike lunch on the deck with our favorite carpenter-friends, we discussed the ever-changin' scenery here on Golden Pond. Every sunrise is different, as is each sunset. Daytime might bring total calm or whitecaps. Who knows what's happening during the night. A rhetorical question.

Catching as much as possible of this changing face depends on timing, of course… and luck. When do we glance up to take a peek? Or, when do we sit and stare in total serenity and/or solitude? During the conversation, I thought of and mentioned our neighbor, Klaus, who once told me that the scenic mysteries are what he loves the most about the lake.
This morning, the sun struggled to poke its face through lots of clouds. Somewhere nearby, it must have rained. It remains overcast, as I write. But at 7:20 AM and for a fleeting few moments in time, conditions were perfect for a truly exquisite view.

Goosebumps, here in upstate New York… I've gotta tell y'all… what a treat… what a blessing.
Wishing you rainbows, too.