Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Macs Of Different Varieties

As I type away on my Apple Mac, I'm thinking that the sweet, symbolic Mac Apple and its relatives are must-have "participants" at our Thanksgiving feast. Did you know that there are over a thousand varieties of apples in this country, all descendants of the wild crab apple? It's hard to choose a favorite; so, I don't try. With baking in mind, I take huge bags and stroll through many bins at our local farm stand. Grannies, Gala, Braeburn, Delicious - yellow and red, Macs, Rome and whatever others are available make it into my eclectic pies.

As though to confirm my thoughts, my littlest Grandson phoned me this morning, happening to mention that "his favorite is apple pie." Thought I, "Ask, Sweetheart, and you shall receive." Hey, it's not my prettiest pie, but it dripped all over my oven. That means it shall be delicious. You might notice my lame attempt to inscribe a "G" into the crust... just for my little four-year-old.

Already planned was an apple stuffing, after the rejection of over-priced, under-sized chestnuts that were available. There went tradition, with scalper prices! In preparation...

... we had boiled chicken for dinner last night, saving the broth. I cooked a bag of fresh cranberries in a light sugar syrup for just a couple minutes, till they began to pop; then drained them, saving the syrup (it will flavor something else). I also removed crusts from a loaf of potato bread and cubed it; baked on 150 for about an hour. There won't be too much bread in this stuffing.

This morning, I diced lots of onion and celery, added some carrot peel and sautéed in a couple tablespoons of light veggie oil. After it softened for a while, I tossed in peeled, cut-up apples, seasoning with thyme and pepper. A couple minutes later, in went fresh parsley, cranberries, bread cubes and slivered almonds. I added just enough broth to moisten, allowing it to blend together for a couple minutes. Tomorrow, I'll add some drippings from the turkey and heat in the oven, crisping it a tad. Use the rest of the broth, combined with turkey stock and drippings, for fantastic gravy. I cook the stuffing outside of the turkey; less risky for spoilage. The individual portions look great for presentation, placed around the bird.

Wishing all sweetness, good health and love, as you offer thanks.