Sunday, November 29, 2009

K-K-K-Katie & Hubbell

"The Way We Were" will forever remain my favorite movie; nothing has ever threatened its Number One spot. At least one time each winter, I treat myself to a repeat performance. After viewing the video last year, I guess the decision was made to purchase a new DVD copy of this classic. Memories of the movie remained intact; but I had forgotten about the replacement. What a surprise to discover it early this morning, still sealed and brand, spanking new!

I've never been out of love with Katie and Hubbell... Hubbell and Katie... and their story. It makes me wonder how many lonely people are out there, having found a true soulmate, but simply unable to bend this principle or that to find common ground. Ah, the poignancy of true love lost... an age-old story. Yes, after thirty-six years, I'm still in love with the way they were.