Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fry Me! Pie Me!

It took some elbow grease to turn yesterday's huge jack-o'-lantern into edible delights that contain endless health benefits. First, there are pumpkin fries, not really fried, at all. Peel and cut along the contour of the fruit; spray with cooking spray; season; toss on a hot grill. Then, we have pumpkin purée for pies and soups. Peel and chunk; cover with lightly salted water; simmer till tender; use your immersion blender to finish. Everything freezes beautifully.

Even our Jungle Habitat residents benefitted by some extra Vitamin C, as the scraps were tossed into the woods for them. I'm sure that by tomorrow, we'll have healthier deer and raccoons!

Bon Appétit, mes amis!