Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Security In Numbers

The MJ movie performances have been spinning in my mind's eyes since last Wednesday, when Joe and I witnessed the movie's release. I think I've mentioned a time or two that it is fabulous.... bittersweet, but fabulous. The minute the last note played, as the credits rolled, and after the screen went dark, I began obsessing about the need to see it again. I was counting on the DVD, but today's news informed me that it won't be available till January. That would be far too long to wait. So, I headed back to the theater to again experience this classy and profound piece of music history. I'm afraid I had to go solo, this time.

The need for "at least one more show" seems to be my modus operandi. My very excitable nature, I believe, causes me to miss a lot of what I'm loving, the first time around. (I know, I know... a very lame "excuse"!) Cases in point would be favorite plays, such as "Les Mis" or "Aida"... or favorite artists. We won't go into how many times-per-tour I need to see my faves, such as Neil or Billy. Joe humors me, saying that he "enjoys seeing me so happy".

Having said that, I'm always amazed when he rolls his eyes, or when Christian questions this "odd" desire... "You mean, the same show, Mom?" Humph. Shall we count the hours and hours and hours of sports they watch; or perhaps the view-times of, let's say, "Braveheart" or "Rocky"? That would be Sly Stallone I, II, III and IV!

No need to justify my desires. As one of my favorite artists once said, "I got music runnin' in my brain..."(ND).

Now, to digress. I thought of my Gran today. Over thirty years ago, I was heading home from a Sunday visit with her, in time to catch Elvis from Hawai'i on TV. She said to me, "Doesn't it make you feel sad, though, Nick?" This, of course, was after Elvis had died. She'd be asking me the same thing today. The answer would be, "Yes." What a shame we've lost yet another amazing and intriguing talent, Gone Too Soon (MJ).