Sunday, November 22, 2009


While the pie (previous post) was baking, I tossed a mess of yams into the oven. When the aromas in my kitchen were sweet beyond belief, I knew everything was done. Skins peel right off well-baked yams, rendering them ready to mash with just a little low-fat evaporated milk, and then mold around halved marshmallows. Next is a quick roll in Special K, crushed together with walnuts, and spiced with cinnamon... then, onto a cookie sheet to freeze, uncovered. When solid, I'll toss them into baggies. As the bird cools down a tad, these will quickly heat for serving to kids of all ages!

Leftover mashed potatoes from this recipe have been combined with the remaining pumpkin and the last of the canned milk. Blended and put into a baggie to freeze, the concoction will end up in my pot of turkey soup, G-d willing, to be started as we put the food away on Thursday. Yes, I'm pouring my own thanks into each dish I prepare for my beautiful family.