Saturday, November 7, 2009

More Beat

One tiny tie leads to another and another. I'm reminded by OLODUM(post below) to speak to the rhythm of the drums of 'ULALENA. When my Maui Jim sunglasses got crushed in..... well, in Maui..... I thought, "Where better to replace them?" So, we headed to the local distributor. After choosing my new Jim's, I said to the sales lady, "With only one more day and night to spend in the Islands, is there something you can recommend that we must do or see, before leaving?" This Islander gave great thought to her response; and after about a minute said, "Yes; if you've not already gone to the Maui Theatre to see 'ULALENA, you must."

WoW! Was she ever on target. As the story of Hawaii's history unfolded, I didn't know where to look first. The incredible stage production was accompanied by an even more incredible beat, descending upon us from the theatre's balconies, where musicians were housed. Ah, the congas, emoting gigantic heartbeats, giving life to the reenactments of a rich and beautiful heritage.