Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Modern Day Hunt.....

.... with cell phones:

B to J.. Buck in the field. But not legal.

J.. Nothing here.

B.. Sounds like Iraq over by Fallsburg.

J.. Someone shot here at 5:45.

B.. Wow. Legal sunrise was 7 today. (ColorMeInspired heard first shot at 5:00 AM)

J.. It was dark.

B.. Nothing since the spike..lots of shots.

J.. 2 does 1 hawk

B.. Anything?

J.. I'm freezing. Nothing.

B.. Better warm up. It's only 9.

J.. Time 4 lunch

B.. Just ate. Heading back now.

B.. K. I'm back. Nothing yet.

J.. Heading back.

B.. Anything?

J.. A crow.

B.. Getting dark now.. maybe.

J.. Hope

J to N.. (After ColorMeInspired called woods) Anything wrong?

N.. Ambulance down So. Woods.

J.. Not me

N.. OK

J to B.. I'm home. Nothing.

B.. Just got in the truck.