Monday, September 5, 2011

Backstrokes - Old News

This gorgeous Rondout adult posed for me.
We had an obligation-free weekend, somewhere back in August. Oh, that's right... that was only a couple of weeks ago. :-) We kicked off a very early Saturday morning with a fantastic movie... one that I'm not quite sure how we missed, since it's from the 1990's. Have you seen "Grace Of My Heart"? It is loosely based on the career of Carole King, going back to the incredible Brill Building days that Diamond fans hear so much of. John Turturro is wonderful, as is the entire cast. And the music!!  Though you'll recognize the beat, it is an original score by Burt Bacharach and Elvis Costello. Fantastic. Joe and I loved this film and consider it a must-see for musically inclined Boomers. "If you guys combine,
if you combust, we ignite, we go."

Morning cleared into a gorgeous day, so we hit the road, a chance to head up to see the Rondout eagles. Well, in this case, just one adult graced us with a mini show. The babes did not make an appearance. It was grand, nonetheless. 
Joe decided to head along the then-peaceful Rondout Creek, through Peekamoose. We ended up in Phoenicia, a trendy little town that I've mentioned before. All hell would break loose, real soon. Not too far away, a favorite town of ours was totally devastated by Hurricane Irene. Sweet little Margaretville took a wicked blow.

Hunter's opinion of the storm went something like this: "Blah, blah, blah." He was not happy that his and Chloe's vacation with us would be delayed. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we lost power and cable, which meant TV, Internet and phone. Then, we lost cell service. Talk about feeling isolated. But we were spared heavy damage, with the exception of a first-time-in-forty-years wet basement-playroom. Could've been a whole lot worse. Brian worked at evacuating people from Neversink riverside homes, about a mile from here. Local Mickey D's patrons weren't happy campers.