Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Bakery Birthday With Love ♡

Forever In Our Hearts
Things sometimes have such a funny way of working out. You see, our Bakery Day is on Sunday. While I set the table, brew a fresh cuppa and start the eggs and fruit salad, Joe heads into town for fresh rolls, bagels and pastry. So reminiscent of Sundays gone by, when...

After moving to Massapequa when I was nine, Dad began the custom of frequenting Lord's Bakery on Merrick Road, every Sunday morning. He'd buy a mess of dinner-sized hard rolls, an Italian bread and Mom's favorite coffee ring - the one loaded with pecans and honey. "But," said she, "I don't really have a sweet tooth." That's a story for another day. :-)

Every now and again, and much to the glee of myself and Ronnie, he'd come home with his and our favorite cake... an all chocolate, layered number that had the potential to pack on pounds at a mere glance. Mmmmm, I can taste that puppy as I write.

Sure, I have an especially awesome choco-cake recipe. And I bake it or a derivative of it each year in honor of Dad. After all, the day that delivered my first hero deserves a happy celebration. But this year, Bakery Day was switched up. In the flurry of events that consumed our past few weeks, we just neglected the tradition. So, today was christened "Bakery Saturday"... and...

It just happens to fall on the 24th. You know where this is going, right? I'm feeling the laughter and love.
And from my other hero, an incredible, incredible connection. I created the above blog and chose the yellow font, while Joe was hunting down the celebratory confection. On his own, he had
 Love ♡
 written on it, a shared sentiment for Dad. When the girl suggested a red or blue font, Joe thought for a moment and then requested yellow, a favorite color for its brightness. True story. Love you, Honey. Nobody understands my innermost feelings better than you.