Monday, September 12, 2011

Segue Synopsis

Glory 'n' Plumes
Though grasses are in plume, it's still summertime in our garden. We've made a few interesting observations, in consideration of this year's very rainy season. Here are a few photos, taken just moments ago.
Perennial Red Hibiscus
Hibiscus bloomed later than ever, thus not receiving its just due in poolside photo captures. Its cousin, the prettier variety of Rose Of Sharon, flowered late, too.
Gifted Impatiens
Impatiens grew all over the place, evidently from previously scattered seeds, 'cause I only planted a few.
Prettiest Rose of Sharon 
A lot of Morning Glory had to be pulled early. Why? Also from dormant seeds, it worked its way into just about everything, with leaves mammoth in size. 

Perennial Snowy Hibiscus
Everything green requires trimming. Just think tropical rainforest, towering foliage and elephant-ear leaves. Gotta love Mother Nature. I hope she's dried to the core and shall afford us an easy winter. But something tells me that we'll see plenty of winter-white.