Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Underbelly

Reward For Patience
Grooming situations occasionally go awry, when a pooch has hair in lieu of fur. You know the gig. Fido goes to groomer, all perky and cute; or, so you think. "Please give him a trim," says human. Upon pick-up and after the bill is paid, some alien looking creature is trotted out from the private confines of the back-room salon. Who is this canine who gleefully bounds towards you? Oh, no! Can it be? Is this my GORGEOUS Giant Schnauzer, Airedale or Black Russian? Thus begin the histrionics.
Shine Restored - That Wasn't So Tough
"I'm sorry," explains groomer, "but there was no choice other than to shave him. He was a mess... full of knots and tangles." Responds human in shrill voice, "That is simply not so. We brush him daily and his coat was like silk. It just needed a trim."

The ensuing ill feelings signifiy the beginning of yet another search for the groomer who understands Fido's needs. But, until you've walked in another gal's shoes, don't judge. I'm here to apologize... yep, going back about thirty-six years and beginning with the harried woman who groomed Baron. But for now...

Hairy Mound Previously
It's back to the future and my newly developing skills, set in motion by Mambo's ears, face and "designer" tail. Now? I've taken on the 'tween. Yep... the whole pooch. Every couple of weeks, I do maintenance. Keeps it easy, and his hair always looks better than mine. No joke. Then, I discovered the neglected underbelly. I swear, this dog manufactures hair. Or have these hidden knots been there, all the while I've self-praised? 

For the record, I extend kudos to those who forewarn, before going the drastic route. They do exist and are appreciated. Meanwhile, I'm wondering...

Is there something I can do with these hairy mounds? Hmmm; let's Google that.... WOOFSPUN