Thursday, September 29, 2011


Really, I so wish he could just rest in peace, leaving us to celebrate his legacy of brilliant music. The Doc is not, in my opinion, a murderer... but he is guilty of being on the payroll as a provider of illegally acquired drugs, even if Michael was already addicted. A drug dealer with a medical degree, he was the final enabler, who shattered his very own Hippocratic Oath. I am in 100% agreement with Mark Geragos, in that this trial should be swift. But, it won't be. It is painful to see and hear the unnecessary evidence of... what, exactly? A tragic photo to "prove" that Michael was done way, way too soon? Taped "proof" that he slurred his words in an unrecognizable voice, when under the influence? It is brutally agonizing to witness his mother's pain, as well as that of other family members, especially his children. I'll never understand the genius that was MJ or his chosen path of self destruction. Will you?