Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Aw, thanks, Cor xoxo
Corey came into our lives just before her eleventh birthday. A blessing. She and I became pen pals; you've met her before on CMI. Time marches on. She's grown into a beauty, both inside and out... kinder and more loving than words can describe. She's my Kid Rock influence. "Didn't you just fall in love with him, Nicki?" :-) And we took her to see "Aida" on Broadway during a visit, exposing her to a touch of Elton John. How coincidental that both musicians should be in nearby posts on CMI. 

Her lovely older Sis just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. A blessing. He's a lucky little guy, born into a perfect, loving environment, with fantabulous grandparents, too - I can vouch for that. 

Thanks for sharing, Corey. Love Grows.