Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Amidst It All...

Gone Awry
Partisan politics have the ability to make me nauseous. Though a registered Blue, I never, as in not ever, vote strictly party line, if candidates are unappealing... or lying through their pearly whites, while patting down their pompous pompadours. Yes, I voted for President Obama. Sure, I know the economy is a bigger mess; but I also know when to draw the proverbial line... when I'm forced to admit to what's not working. Still, though, I hold a glimmer of hope. What to do?
In Denial

Change the channel. Cheer up. What else? Find the prosecutor who primly pushes her perky private part back into the dress that's cut down to who-knows-where. Gotta laugh. It's the only salvation. Especially when the lady argues in classic style, claiming that it never happened, and giving a whole new meaning to pop culture. Ah, a vision, for sure. Don't we all have one or two?

May your (more grounded) visions and dreams come true, all under a sweet blue sky and enhanced by the best of health and a thriving economy. 

My Jewish half says, 
"Let's Dance. 
Happy Rosh Hashanah."