Wednesday, July 17, 2013

As Birthdays Go

Yesterday morning, I awakened to the promise of a hot and steamy July day, just what I'd asked for to celebrate turning... ahem... well, you know! The morning temp when I hit the great outdoors at 6:30 a.m. was the exact number of my new age. Of course, that temperature reached 90, before the day was through. Years truly do fly by, but thankfully not at that warp speed!

Joe took the day off, as he always does when my day falls midweek. Really. What do you do with a Tuesday?
Well, a few surprises fell into place.

Deeply grateful for the fact that I still have Joe after our scary episode this past winter, I tapped into that gratitude even further during the morning cruise he executed. Yep, communing with Nature on Wanaksink Lake can only cement one's appreciation for life's blessings. No ocean liner here. Just a little kayak to transport us to an inner peace that is sometimes lost in the worldly shuffle.

A poolside lunch and cooling swim set the afternoon in motion. Bri came by with the kids and Kell joined us later on, for some wet and noisy fun that lasted till almost dark. Time truly does fly when you're havin' fun, so we arranged for a sleepover and two days off from camp. They'll be here momentarily, so with no further adieu, I just want to extend my loving thanks to all who celebrated
July 16th with me...

Included with no less gratitude are friends and family members for loving phone calls and cards, as well as my virtual pals across the pond, who always seem to remember.

I am touched.