Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Blues

It has been decades since we've had blueberries growing in the yard. Actually, they once occupied the woodsy trail between our house and another, where the boys' friend lived, at the time. Brian, Christian and Tommy were very young, when there were enough berries to fetch for morning muffins or pancakes... or for a snack, after they'd finished working on The Fort.
Then, the berry bushes simply disappeared.
Jump ahead "a few" seasons. Tommy is 42, Brian soon turns 43 and Christian's almost 40. Surprise, surprise!!
The blues have propagated themselves alongside our driveway. No need to wander in search of them. Thing is, we're wonderin' if the black bear y'all met last weekend will harvest them, before we do?? And though the fort is long gone, maybe the boys would like to come for berries 'n' breakfast?

Great memories are made of this.