Monday, July 8, 2013

Pittsburgh Part Four - Home, Sweet Home

We hit the road very early yesterday morning and breezed home. Well, that is if you can call seven hours of driving "a breeze". Be that as it may, we had lots to talk about, as we reminisced about the love-fest we'd just enjoyed.

Pennsylvania looks something like the above picture for hundreds and hundreds of miles. We learned of the Wilds, by Googling as we drove through the area. Talk about the green, green grass of homeWowAll the rain we've experienced of late has turned forests into tropical lushness, clearly meant for the poet's eye.

As we pulled into our driveway, we spotted the Flower Tower through trees separating the back and front yards. We headed straight for it, astounded to see that in just a few days, it had finally really taken off. 
Moments later, Joe excitedly called me to see a bear in the neighbor's yard. Separated by our fence, we watched him go from woods to food scraps three or four times. We're not thrilled that they entice wild animals so close to our home, but I must say it was intriguing to watch Blackie steal a bagel, run back to the tree-line, sit to munch and then repeat the process several times more, before heading back into the woods.