Monday, July 8, 2013

Pittsburgh Part Two - The Event

Ah, the emotions of the day were simply beautiful, from deep and thoughtful to indescribably joyful. I loved this moment, captured as Nicole took Dale's arm for their long stroll down the aisle of the exquisite cathedral.
Even fun-loving sisters, Khrista and Maddy, looked to be contemplative, as the ceremonious part of the wedding began. Not a soul was neglected. We loved seeing our Cape Cod pals, Adelina and Garreth, out of beach attire and jazzed up for their special roles as junior bridesmaid and ring bearer. Sweet Nicole even included Mom, along with her beloved grandparents, in a reading for those no longer with us. Their presence suddenly became nearly tangible. Thank you so much, Nic; Joe and I were so very touched. 

Contemplation quickly turned into excitement for the bride and groom and their new beginning. Smiles erupted. Just look at happy Bonnie and whimsical Dale, as they paved the way for the newlyweds.
This photo seems to depict a radiant Nicole and determined Ryan.
Then, it was time to party at the most gorgeous reception. And how sweet it was! Guests were treated like royalty, as every little long-planned detail came to fruition. We were invited to fill souvenir bags from the long, elegant candy table, an exceptionally popular attraction that seemed to be saying, "Let the sweetness of life linger."
A visit to our table resulted in a permanent glow.
That Kiss