Sunday, July 14, 2013

Elusive Old Sol

Summer has always been too short, for my liking. But a few weeks ago, it seems to have gotten even shorter - psychologically, anyway. You see, I was organizing photos of the GrandLoves, when something occurred to me. The year begins and ends with winter. It surrounds spring, summer and fall with its chill. Pictures taken now simply need mention of the year, to date them. But wintertime photos? They need month and year identification, especially in the fast-growing world of children. Does this make sense? Ah, yet another way to calculate the brevity of the season. Then, factor in this year's particular stretch...

We're headed into another heatwave, which is actually just fine by me. Thing is, it's due to arrive with yet more rain. Not normal rain, mind you, but rather torrential downpours, thunder, lightening and high winds. Ugh. I detest being Vitamin D deprived. 
Not fine. But our begonias are lovin' shades of gray.
I did manage to catch catch Old Sol, this morning. Yes, I did. At 5:45 a.m. Trust me, he was there. Behind the trees. Peeking out.
Thing is, he seems to have disappeared again, half an hour later. 
But there's hope...
This is Real Time. Color Me Sunny, please!