Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pool Break - Art Time

It's almost two years since we shuffled off to Buffalo to spend an amazing weekend with our Tee-cousins. Joe had gathered souvenir slate from the shores of Lake Erie, to bring home for my art projects with the GrandLoves. Well, it certainly took long enough to whip out the oil paints and get to it. Yes, I said, "...oil paints..."!! We'd always stuck to wash-away water or acrylic paints, but this endeavor called for permanent colors. Whew. That was tricky. I digress...

After hosing and drying the stone, Gav chose to do a drawing of Angry Bird. Aubs opted for a rainbow. I'm sure Hunter and Chloe will make unique choices of their own, when the opportunity arises. Meanwhile, how brightly does my garden grow.