Monday, July 1, 2013

Don't Be Fooled - It's July!

We managed a few hours of pool time, before yesterday's rain. All was well with the kids, though, 'cause Aubrey was working up a new dress design for Ella; she wanted to sew. Gav was anxious to try out Wii in the almost-finished "new" playroom, with Gramps as his subject to beat. So, we moved inside to chow down and switch gears. However...

Rain has clearly been the name of the proverbial game. Sure, we've had sunny stretches; but each late afternoon, G-d starts moving furniture. To ginormous booms, the storms work their way in. Yes, it's helpful in terms of watering. I've not had to drag the hose into the backyard, for weeks. This July 1st morning, though, has redefined water, as we know it...

Coming down in literal buckets, the gutters have stopped working, sending sheets of water downwards.  Ugh. The pool is rising to overflow range. The plants are drowning. The woods are beginning to resemble tropical rain forests. The beginning of camp is on hold for the GrandLoves. 
Bambi doesn't seem to notice and is thrilled by the rapid growth of woodsy weeds. No nutrition deficit to be concerned about. We haven't seen Baby Spots in quite a while. 

What to do about all this water? Ah, nothing. We've no choice about the weather. But I'm saying a few prayers for some sunshine for Nicole's wedding day, this coming Saturday. Too bad Ella isn't invited; she'd be rockin' her Aubrey Original creation!
Don't be fooled by the weather - just have a Happy July.
Go with the flow, pun intended.