Thursday, November 5, 2015

MIA - C'est Moi

Hello Again, Hello…
It's good to say, "Hello." And I know... I've been missing in action. Be assured, "action" is the operative word. It's been crazy, here on Golden Pond, where fall has clearly descended. Lake waters are losing heat every day, with clouds of foggy mist rising to the heavens...

Our nearly-resident carpenters and new good friends, Aaron and Bill, said, "Au Revoir, until we meet again," after an admiring glance inwards upon finishing the finishing of the downstairs. It turned out beyond our greatest expectations. Another room with a view, bedroom, full bath, utility room and much needed closet space. Moi? I'm so grateful to have seen this huge undertaking to fruition. My vision has been realized, thanks to Joe's handing over the reigns and basically saying, "Have fun!" While most have exotic trips and such on their bucket lists, tops on mine was the gutting and renovating of "one more house." Who knew??

Upon completion of the work end of things, we were able to move the rest of our furniture that we are able to use from the Old Homestead. Basically, we now have a "Stacey Drive Room-With-A-View" that includes all of our older "stuff" that has somehow taken on new life. Gav deemed it "cozy," as did Bill, mentioned above. That it is, complete with our painting (taken from a wintry photo) of that gorgeous house we built when in our twenties… bringing me to the awesome news that Bri, Kell, Aubs and Gav shall soon move in to keep the memory-making on the move, as they guard our precious, most wonderful ones. The old abode is bursting with Soll-family stories. Yes, if only walls could talk!!

While Joe stained lots of new doors, I took on the staircase and glass doors, so as to complete the much anticipated photo gallery we'd planned. Can't seem to escape that paintbrush, but I'm not complainin'. 

I discovered one must-use photo of the kids, BL - before Lyla. I'd taken the shot in Aubrey's bedroom, brought it into PhotoShop to delete the background and turn into black 'n' white. Thing is, it had gotten all ripply, in its frame. A coat of Modge Podge on its backing allowed me to smooth to perfection. Maybe this hint will help another.

A tad off topic but along the way to this post, we got to see Gavin playing defense for his soccer team, in what was the last chilly game of the season. He looks like a gazelle, out on the field, and now boasts of being taller than moi. For the record, he saved A LOT of goals. Nice job, Honey.

Oh, and one more mention… just as the Old Homestead forever lives in our hearts, so does the beach. To think, we now have our own beach, albeit lakeside…

I'll take it, at the same time giving thanks and hoping y'all have been well and enjoying November. Can't believe that it's almost turkey-time. We must put that umbrella away.