Sunday, January 10, 2016

Carpe Diem - That Was Quick

It was pointed out to me after my last post that Bonnie is a follower of CMI and enjoys our stories and photographs. So, for her et moi, I'm seizing the hour, the day, the week and all the time we can enjoy in some proximity. I'm back from the quickest hiatus ever… nonetheless shocked, but back.

When one goes on vacation for a week, it's easy to separate from reality and fly like a butterfly. But when you'll be gone for a month, it's a different story!! Life clearly travels with you. Just consider our first week here - we recovered from colds, had the vet for Mambo's strange ailment, dealt with closing issues on the Old Homestead… need more?? But all that pales, when devastating news is received, wherever on might reside. Still, in between inescapable real-life matters, we've really enjoyed being together, walks on the beach, meals at old favorite and new haunts, sleeping in and lounging until whenever.

Yep, we like it here. Carpe Diem. What other choice is there?