Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The (Not) Walking Wounded

Thanks to our Petri Dish Brigade, aka The Fabulous Five or our GrandLoves, Joe and I arrived at our southern home away from home with nasty colds. Not to worry, though, 'cause we're on the mend and we still love 'em all to pieces. But Mambo decided to join the ranks of the wounded and somehow ended up with a sprain or strain or arthritic condition that left him immobile. I'm talking 24 hours without going out to relieve himself and 36 hours without food or water. It was scary. We needed help.

To the rescue came Dr. Kendra Levy and her husband, James. Together they operate (link) Doc At Your Door, a mobile veterinary service based in Myrtle Beach, not too far from here. Perfect. There was no way we could get 130-pound Mambo to a vet's office without further injuring him. So, this was a perfect solution for us, with the bonus of meeting knowledgable, cordial and helpful people. We highly, highly recommend them, should you find yourself in need of help for your pets while visiting Grand Strand beaches. And if you live here? Well, how lucky for Fido. I digress...

I awakened still quite nervous, this morning, as Mambo had not risen on his own at all, during the night. No sooner did the thought that we'd have to force him up cross my mind when I heard it… slurp, slurp, slurp… he'd arisen and walked into the kitchen to consume about a gallon of water. So, if you think this capture is lacking in some way, be assured that it was taken in a moment of glory.

Woof, Woof! Giving thanks. Have an awesome day.