Saturday, January 30, 2016

I L♥Ve LuCy

Ocean Waves aka Lucy

A word from Gavin, pre-Christmas, and a warm reception on the holiday itself from the Fabulous Five for ukuleles gifted by Santa Soll almost did it. Then, there were FaceTime practices from Gav and strumming by Hunter via video, after he was done with piano and trumpet practice. Almost there. The clincher was the (link) Ukulele Boys Band at the concert, this past Wednesday, and the enthusiasm from a certain music teacher. Sooooo…..

Willie has Trigger, named for my favorite cowboy's horse, and B.B. King had many named Lucille. My four-string mini deserves a moniker, too, don't you think? Lucy. Who doesn't love Lucy?? Appropriate for my new pal; she'll be needing a sense of humor. Hey, don't judge; just...

Wish me luck. I'm practicing the calypso strum, at the moment - this after taking forever to get those GCEA strings tuned.

Just Color Me Inspired!!
Loved 'n' Tattered Trigger
Willie's One and Only