Sunday, January 24, 2016

Happy Eleventh, Gav! ♥

So, we were on our way home the other day when Gavin FaceTimed. We had a lot of catching up to do, especially in the musical arena. He's making good progress with his trumpet, but that little ukelele seems to have won his heart. It was a conversation with him about the instrument and extra music lessons in school that led Santa Soll to gift all of the Fabulous Five ukes for Christmas. They were a hit. I digress. Gav serenaded us beautifully with his strumming. As I mentioned in a post below, he's now part of a boy band of players, all having given up free time in school to learn this ever-growing-in-popularity instrument. Just add it to the repertoire of all he excels at with great enthusiasm and joie de vivre.
We always end our virtual conversations with smooches. Nobody does them better. Imagine my glee when I found the "Wanna Smooch" plaque in Cracker Barrel, during a lunch stop. It's amazing how things come together.
And so, it's with a whole mess of hugs and smooches that we wish our special boy a Happy Eleventh! Time sure does fly.
We Love You, Honey!