Sunday, January 10, 2016


This area is truly incredible. Each time we're here, we discover something new. Our only complaint is how drastically it's being built up. Just can't help but go back to President Kennedy's foresight in creating Cape Cod's National Seashore, in order to protect all that natural beauty for future generations. (Bonnie, are you reading?) Here, it's a different story. Sure, they have their preserved coastal land (the magnificent Huntington Beach State Park,) but for miles and miles, the ocean side of the road is built up to oblivion. That's an old story, eh? All of humanity seems to want their little seaside chunk of sand. And Surfside Beach remains a favorite. Doesn't my retiree look relaxed? It happens instantaneously, at the beach.

Oh, and have I mentioned the canals? Hilarious. "Our" house is on a canal. In reality, waterways are constructed in all developments to carry excess rain and surface water out to sea. But don't judge… build a waterway and wildlife will come. We've a resident egret, right outside our door. He greets us in the morning before fishing in our vicinity for most of the day. And ducks. FAT ducks. So fat, they've lost the ability to fly. Life is lazy in the south.

People are generally friendly. Most are north-easterners, here for a week, month or winter. But they want to share their own discovery. Case in point is the 40-something lady we met at the beach. She's been vacationing here since the age of 4. She tipped us off about her favorite local restaurant. We'd never have found it, had she not shared. And we're here to tell you, Graham's Landing in/on Murrell's Inlet is a keeper. I'd never had the favorite southern dish, Shrimp 'n' Grits. Seems that I picked the right place to try it. Lord-y. Must have had a thousand calories. I neglected to ask that the andouille sausage be left out (Joe ate that)… but delicious beyond words. Joe stuck with an old favorite, Scampi. The shrimp are locally caught, here in what is claimed to be the fish capital of the world. If you venture there, ask for Andy as your server. We promise, he'll enhance your experience!
And so it goes and so it goes. It seems that Joe thinks I "look cute," typing away in our home away from home. Not so sure 'bout that, but I'll share.
Giving Thanks.