Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Magnificent Huntington Beach State Park

South Carolina has certainly done something right, in preserving this magnificent stretch of sand, marsh and beach. It is nothing short of spectacular. Yesterday's visit confirmed our belief that it is a top-ten gem.
Y'all might recall our (link) September '15 visit during which we finally saw the gators. Well, they're once again nestled in for winter.
(this one circa 9/15)
But birds are abundant. Such gorgeous species.
Communing with nature certainly has benefits. It's such a reminder of the scope of our environment. It's grounding. Soothing. Awe inspiring. We're such a small element, aren't we? I wonder what the critters think of us. Check out Joe's shot with Big Bird et moi. Just love it! Thanks, Honey. And here he is, up close and personal...
Today promises to be equally pretty. Blue skies framing palm leaves and sunshine creating diamonds on water.