Wednesday, January 27, 2016

M♥NTICELLO ROCKS! Thanks, Gav!!! ♥

With SPECIAL THANKS to Joyce Wells, music teacher extraordinaire, and her Rutherford students, all blessed with this gem of an instructor whose enthusiasm and light-heartedness is not to be surpassed!

Performing similar programs, third-, followed by fourth- and then fifth-graders, demonstrated the amazing progress made by all in just a few grades worth of limited instruction. Lots of fun instruments combined with voice and movement to create a wonderful concert. The movement segments were something new to behold. The kids exercised great concentration, coordination and agility, all to the beat of background music.

Gavin thrilled us in chorus and with his recorder. But our highlight was when he joined his compadres in the newly formed Ukulele Boys Band, (link) mentioned previously on CMI. He was one of the boys who did a brief solo in demonstration of a strumming pattern learned, before all joined in. At that point, I wondered what else the boys were ready to do. Surprise, surprise…

They'd also learned chords. Yes, chords! Combined with their strumming, it all became back-up music for the fifth-grade chorus in one song. Amazing… and more kudos to Ms. Wells for such creative planning.
Now, I must mention the fabulous, fun song choices… perfect for the children to deliver with humor and smiles and even more perfect for the early morning audience to enjoy.
What a great experience from our excellent Monticello Music Department. Even the allowance of the extra ukulele band that called for stretching time (thank you, Staff) demonstrates the importance placed on providing this diversity for the kids.
What a great way to start a day! All smiles. For sure...