Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Painted Sky… Where Clouds Are Hung For The Poet's Eye… Neil Diamond 'n' Jonathan

Funny thing about "Be" and all the music from "Jonathann Livingston Seagull"…. it just plays in my head, no CD necessary. With each beach scene, there it is. It doesn't even take a gull. Color me OBX inspired.
But then…
That's a pick-up truck hidden by the huge spray of water!
All clouds are not created equal. Consider today's version. Dark. Ominous. Filled with moisture that is coming down in buckets and flooding the road in front of our condo and the fountain pond behind it.
Our steps to the pond are under water!
Yep, the rains came, after twelve incredibly beautiful and consecutive beach days. Let's hope tomorrow brings another painted sky of our dreams.