Monday, September 19, 2016

Two-Zu Post… She Clearly Did Not "Lie To Me"

Zu recommended the currently-on-Netflix TV series "Lie To Me," circa 2009-2011. Three complete seasons take a long while to watch and are worth one's time, we think. We've watched two complete seasons, thus far. An episode in the morning and one and night have been our TV fare, before and after enjoying long OBX beach days. It takes a bit to get into the show, but stick with it. Cal Lightman, played by British Tim Roth, will hold your attention, as he reads faces to determine what someone really means when they lie… or not. In doing so, he helps the FBI solve crimes. We promise, you'll never just casually look at eyes or facial expressions, again. Watch to see the many appearances-by-photos of politicians and celebrities you know well. No spoilers here. A great supporting cast, as well.

And while I'm on the topic of (link) Zu, please visit her to see how this amazing leather project came about. She's always thinking creatively. Thing is, she executes her thoughts in pro style, as demonstrated by her gorgeous handmade tote and traveler's notebook. Yes, my talented friend is something else.