Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Round-up Three 'n' Riding a Wild Corolla Mustang

We drove down the beach to Carova, late yesterday afternoon. Yep, we took the challenge of a very rutty dune, in order to cross over to the residential area. Mr. Ed et al had not made an appearance (that we saw) on the beach. Enough is enough, already. We needed an equine fix. Besides, I thought to introduce you to some new and interesting faces. How 'bout a horseback-riding egret? A common sight, the birds often wait patiently before climbing aboard to scour a horse's back for bugs. Sounds like a win-win, to me.
Not much has changed in Carova, (link) since my 2010 post, introducing y'all to this unique place. Six years ago, already. Yes, yes, there are boatloads more of the mega-houses, mostly multiple rentals for summer folk. But the real beachies? Their houses remain modest and beaten by winds, sand and storms. Inhabitants wouldn't have it any other way.
Water is all over the place. Canals offer kayaking. Freshwater lakes and underground springs afford the equines their sustenance. 
Still, only the firehouse provides help if needed and a few mandatory groceries, such as milk and eggs. Kudos to the fire and rescue people.
Roadways are sandy, of course. Driving slowly is mandatory. Ahem. Watch for horses and be ready to capture through-the-windshield moments.
Imagine awakening to this view, every morning…
Wondering if Mr. Ed is ticketed for getting too close to humans? Haha. Sometimes, it's tough to stay fifty feet away. G-d, they're gorgeous creatures.
Giving Thanks for such gifts.