Thursday, September 1, 2016

September Perspectives

The last day of the Sunday Of Summer was a cloudy one. That's right, August turned its tides. But wait! The sky cleared just in time to give us a brilliant sunset and even more spectacular twilight. This topped off a day of reflection during which I thought to capture a few perspectives, here at the LakeHouse.
The coveted lighthouse - my gift to Joe and testimony to his lighting up my life - looked pretty cool from all angles, especially with its enhancement of pink mandevilla blossoms.
Mambo chose roadside geraniums to admire. I think he was hiding from us, as the past couple of days have been groom-time. Good Lord, the gorgeous wavy hair I took off that pooch could have made three wigs.
What looked to be a baby praying mantis took up residence on our screen.

While the bug took up residence, I took up painting again, choosing watercolors this time 'round. No, no, not kiddie Crayola watercolors; I sprang for better ones to help the cause. But please, please don't judge. I truly hope to improve. This one is some random internet picture. Now, I'll use my own photos, such as the ones above and below, to attempt to duplicate; maybe they'll inspire me to do better. We'll see. But I have a long ways to go in order to return to my once-relatively-talented abilities. It has been decades since I picked up a brush with any seriousness. But hey, winter is coming; or so I'm told.
So, yeah, today is September 1st. The Fall brings to our family an extremely mixed bag of emotions. Whatever. We all deal, don't we. A rhetorical question. That's life…

On a happy note of celebrating positive perspectives, I wish y'all a Happy, Healthy End-Of-Summer and Pending Fall.

Giving Thanks.