Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Please Take Time for Mr. T.I.C.H.B.A.N.D.

Pal Andy's Grandad participated in a wonderful event that included interviews of past employees of THE OBSERVER, a Hastings, UK, local newspaper. Mr. T. began working for what sounds to have been a phenomenal employer in 1935. Now in his nineties, one can see/hear how he would have been an equally phenomenal employee. What an elegant man, who along with other interesting workers shares human interest stories that are clearly food for thought. Consider the precarious nature of many jobs, today, with scores of retailers closing and thousands of workers finding themselves on unemployment lines. Yes, they were the good old days, when a handshake and one's word constituted security of a lost variety.

A gazillion thanks to Andy for sharing the link and allowing me to post it, as well. Please take ten minutes to watch. Would you agree that the past and present need to securely connect for future solutions? 

Here's to Grandad, forever a rock star!