Thursday, September 29, 2016

Watercolor Pencils

As I continue the attempt to restore diminished painting skills, my love of watercolors is growing. I remember painting in my room as a kid, using Gordon Fraser cards for inspiration and tubes of messy oils as a medium. Acrylics took hold with the GrandLoves. Thing is, I'd never really tried true watercolors, but rather fooled around with the kids' varieties…. not even to be remotely compared to the real deal. Now, I'm liking Prang pots of watercolor and have just enhanced my collection with their brand of paint pencils. Too cool for words…

They can be used hard and dry by themselves for definition or with water applied afterwards to the paper for different affects. Or one can wet the paper first. Or just wet the tip of the pencil. Or how 'bout wetting a brush and then picking up color off the pencil tip. Need more? Well, you can use them in conjunction with your paint-pots for endless varieties in results. 
Whatever the choice might be, I'm psyched. This card was done with pencils, except for the trees.